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Pen&Paper Rollenspiel Neuheitenliste

Der wohl größte Online Shop für Rollenspiele veröffentlicht regelmäßig eine Liste der Neuheiten im Bereich Rollenspiele. Da der Schwerpunkt der Artikel bei DriveThruRPG englischsprachig sind, füllen diese in der Regel auch die Top 10 Liste der Neuheiten, doch auch deutschsprachige Produkte sind hier regelmäßig zu finden.

DriveThruRPG.comDriveThruRPG ist zwischenzeitlich die Anlaufstelle um auch viele deutschsprachige Rollenspiele preisgünstig auch im immer beliebter werdenden PDF Format zu kaufen. Doch auch im gedruckten Format sind insbesondere internationale Artikel in diesem Shop erhältlich. Für Besteller aus Deutschland sind bei Büchern und Karten dann jedoch immer die teilweise exorbitanten Versandkosten (werden im Shop angezeigt) und Zollgebühren (sind im Shop nicht sichtbar) zu berücksichtigen.

Die jeweils aktuellsten Neuigkeiten aus der Welt des Pen&Paper Rollenspiels sind in der folgenden Auflistung zu sehen.

Neben den aktuellen Neuerscheinungen auf dieser Seite werden in einer separaten Liste auch die aktuellen Rollenspiel Bestseller präsentiert. Newest Items The Largest RPG Download Store!

  • Seafoot Games - Mausoleum of the Dragon Lord | 20x30 Battlemap
    am 21. September 2019 um 9:16

    Publisher: Seafoot Games Mausoleum of the Dragon Lord This ancient crumbling mausoleum was created by the giants of old, a gift to the mortal men that lost their lives fighting in the war of the stone, over a hundreds of years ago. It is said that the mortal men would ride great scaled beasts through the skies. And that the Dragon Lord was the king of the human realms and the rider of the great dragon Veross, who stories say still lives onto this day in the deep woods of this vary forest. The inner sanctum holds the tomb of the Dragon Lord and six of his commanders, as well as other important human figures from the war, their bodies placed in well crafted sarcophagi that have over time been damaged by the crumbling ceilings. Six stone statues watch over the hall, holding swords carved in the style of the ancient giants. Below the halls lie the extensive crypt system that runs through much of the lower mountainside before connecting directly to the upper halls. What You Will Receive  A home-printable 20x30 battlemap, compatible with any role-play game, and VTTs such as Roll20. Download Contains Home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages. 300dpi .JPEGs of the map for A1 poster printing or VTT.72dpi .JPEGs of the map for VTTs. Want more bang for your buck? Come support us on Patreon, and get five or more maps for as little as $4.00 every month.  Or, follow us on Facebook to recieve updates about new maps, adventures, and giveaways! If you enjoyed any of our content, please leave a review below—or tell us what you’d like to see in the comments!Price: $2.99

  • Ancestral Options - Dwarves
    am 21. September 2019 um 6:06

    Publisher: Necromancers of the NorthwestThe Power to Move Mountains!   In the Pathfinder Second Edition roleplaying game, a character’s ancestry matters more than ever before. Instead of picking a race and sticking with it, players are encouraged to customize the benefits a character gains from their lineage, with a wide assortment of ancestry feats gained at various levels. While the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook presents plenty of great options for each of these ancestries, the focus on customization means that there’s always room for new and exciting ways to bring your ancestry to the fore.   This book focuses on providing new ancestry-related options for dwarf characters. They’re short, stout, and gruff, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the most beloved and iconic fantasy races.  Get ready to swing your hammer, quaff some ale, and grow a glorious beard, because in this book, you’ll find:   5 new dwarf heritages, including the Dour Dwarf, and Duergar-Descended. 12 new ancestry feats for dwarves, ranging from 1st through 13th level, including Grudge Bearer, Dwarven Shield Training, Duergar Growth, and more! A new archetype for dwarf characters, the beard lord, for dwarves of any gender who grow beards so luxurious and magnificent that they can be used to braid ropes, hold creatures and objects, and even save your neck from an untimely beheading! Price: $1.99

  • EN5ider #198 - Horrors Beneath the Ice
    am 21. September 2019 um 4:32

    Publisher: EN Publishing Watch out for amorphous black icers, hard-to-see snow angels, and the ethereal wailer on the ice! This issue of EN5ider contains three icy undead monstrosities for 5th Edition games!      This is the 199th article of EN5ider, a D&D 5E Patreon ( Consider joining us for as low as $1 a month!Price: $0.69

  • 5 Year Anniversary Bundle
    am 21. September 2019 um 2:32

    Publisher: Wayward Rogues PublishingWayward Rogues Publishing is celebrating our 5 year anniversary with this special 90% off .pdf bundle of our ENTIRE LIBRARY! This sale will last for the duration of September. Jump into the world of Celmae's Shattered Skies for Pathfinder First Edition, or blast off with Fractured Futures for Starfinder! 72 .pdf products! Over $210 worth of .pdfs for only 14.99! This special sale is a way to thank all of our fans for their years of support of our Shattered Skies.                                                                      Price: $14.99

  • Battlelund: Game Sampler
    am 21. September 2019 um 2:16

    Publisher: Sundered VaultHello! Inside this exciting Sampler Product of Battlelund: The Whimsical Fantasy Wargame, you'll find a host of neat, fun, and explorative content that takes a nifty examination of the Battlelund wargame (a 15mm mass fantasy battle game!). It's full color and full charm! Let's see what's inside! A: An introduction to all this kinda stuff! B: A look at the major rules and play mechanics of the game! C: A look at specialized mechanics and two army lists! D: A smattering of the Battlelund world's setting material! E: A look at all six of the armies available in the game! F: A FREE PAIR of Miniatures! These are similar to our 28mm line. You get a Male and Female halberdier with an Italian Wars-theme, but embellished.  So go ahead and check it out, and be prepared for fun!  Price: $0.00

  • RWG - Golden Age Pack #1 (with blank names)
    am 21. September 2019 um 1:07

    Publisher: Dā-Bar GamesRETRO WRESTLING GAME Remember when wrestling was rasslin’ and it had a territorial/regional system? If you were a fan in the 80s or earlier, you know exactly what I’m talking about. RWG features dozens upon dozens of wrestler cards in the theme of those days, along with various charts to flesh out some of the action. RWG is a quick-play game that gives a lot of details. Set up your show by choosing wrestlers for the matches, roll the dice to determine how they performed, and get an accurate result with an ending very reminiscent of the older days of wrestling before “you-know-who” monopolized and went global. [This game uses up to five (5) 6-sided dice per roll, which are NOT included] Suggested names for this set are (in order):  "Count" Leon MichelinMr. Phil StillerKelly “Crimson” Katz“Snapper” Kelly DobsonCobalt DevilPepe PeruCleaver MoulanLes LobosSmasher LasiewskiMick EinhornCurt DonaldJon Don LeopoldGeorge Ed Donald“Impaler” Ted MassieRalph “Critical Mass” ParrisRavishing RalphFranz SchlitzMoe BeckerRon LobosRonnie FarrantRio CannelloniMartino LouisSick Puppy MoulonConnor O'PatrickSaul PedersenRusty Sistine“Fast” Dicky Dinero“Rough” Toby ThorneShot GotoGregor the Grappling Bear If you enjoy my games, please tell a friend! And leaving a shining, positive review on DriveThruRPG would mean the world to my children & me! Thank you very much for your support!!Price: $0.00

  • 100 Overheard Slum Chatter
    am 21. September 2019 um 0:34

    Publisher: Fishwife Games100 OVERHEARD SLUM CHATTERThe stench is overwhelming as you weave your way through the crowded streets of the city’s slums. You and your companions are on the old side, where once glorious structures are now crumbling and full of vermin. The desperate and downtrodden eek out a bare minimal existence here and violent crime is a daily affair. Today, as with most days, a churning, polluted sea of chatter echoes off the walls of the hovering dwellings. Your nostrils detect the reek of the unwashed but what talk assaults your ears? This list provides 100 different things that you might overhear in such a place. Some talk is simply trivial while other things spoken may provide clues or lead to an adventure. This list is suitable for fantasy, pirate era, or other comparable historical settings.Price: $1.00

  • LARP LAB: Paranormal Files: AREA 51 Government Warning Posters
    am 21. September 2019 um 0:15

    Publisher: Grinning Skull StudiosThe latest in the ever growing LARP LAB series of printable props and game aids, Paranormal Files: AREA 51 Government Warning Posters. To celebrate the "Raid Area 51" event on the 20th Sept 2019, we present to those of you who were unable to attend the chance to host your own event in the comfort of your own home! Inside you will find five 3x3 A4 sized print yourself large warning posters to get you ready for the alien invasion and warn your friends and family! AVAILABLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS FOR A LIMITED TIME FOR THE PRICE OF $0.51!! Easy to print out, stick together with clear tape or glue to boxcard or wood, assembles in minutes!! Best of all, you can make as many of them as you want, just repeat the process!! Suitable for Area 51 themed LARP and RPGs, low budget home horror/scifi movie props, just for fun or for decoration in you home or for Halloween! For more Printable props from other genres and themes, check out the LARP LAB series here: $0.51

  • Scontro Tra Caccia
    am 20. September 2019 um 21:35

    Publisher: QweinGioco da tavolo minimale con miniature di carta 2D e 3D di carta Da 4 a 12 giocatori e più Nato come supporto al Gdr Soli nel Buio, si adatta a essere un semplice gioco da tavoloPrice: $1.10

  • New Horizon: Ezorian Dishes Vol. 2
    am 20. September 2019 um 21:15

    Publisher: Knights & Legends Tabletop RPGThis free product is offered as is, and it's designed to help players overcome challenges they will encounter during the game. Vol.2, provides three different stat enhancing provisions, that can be cooked or purchased from any shop in the world. Price: $0.00

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