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Der wohl größte Online Shop für Rollenspiele veröffentlicht regelmäßig eine Liste der Neuheiten im Bereich Rollenspiele. Da der Schwerpunkt der Artikel bei DriveThruRPG englischsprachig sind, füllen diese in der Regel auch die Top 10 Liste der Neuheiten, doch auch deutschsprachige Produkte sind hier regelmäßig zu finden.

DriveThruRPG ist zwischenzeitlich die Anlaufstelle um auch viele deutschsprachige Rollenspiele preisgünstig auch im immer beliebter werdenden PDF Format zu kaufen. Doch auch im gedruckten Format sind insbesondere internationale Artikel in diesem Shop erhältlich. Für Besteller aus Deutschland sind bei Büchern und Karten dann jedoch immer die teilweise exorbitanten Versandkosten (werden im Shop angezeigt) und Zollgebühren (sind im Shop nicht sichtbar) zu berücksichtigen.

Die jeweils aktuellsten Neuigkeiten aus der Welt des Pen&Paper Rollenspiels sind in der folgenden Auflistung zu sehen.

Neben den aktuellen Neuerscheinungen auf dieser Seite werden in einer separaten Liste auch die aktuellen Rollenspiel Bestseller präsentiert. Newest Items The Largest RPG Download Store!

  • Image - Stock Art - Grayscale - Stock Illustration - rpg - fisherman - mutant - Crab
    am 28. September 2021 um 7:06

    Publisher: Ramon LuchaThis pack includes the displayed image in JPG and PNG grayscale, and JPG and PNG color, for commercial or personal use. If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact me directly for commissions, checking out my website. I hope you enjoy it. This package contains: JPG grayscale and color. PNG grayscale and color. Terms of Commercial Use All images in this file are Copyright 2020, Ramon Lucha. Purchasing this product entitles the customer to unlimited royalty free rights to use and reuse this image in their publications, as long as those publications are not collections of artwork. Customers may not resell or redistribute this image as a standalone product or as a part of any collection of art. Credit and Copyright of the image must be included in the publication as "Ramon Lucha (, Copyright 2020" Price: $6.00

  • Forgetting the Fear
    am 28. September 2021 um 6:31

    Publisher: White WolfRemembering may be worse… Memory, no matter how unpleasant, shapes us.  It helps us recall those we love, the places we feel at peace, but also reminds us of danger and helps us to survive.  The nature of kindred existence, though, is to erase memory of their existence to protect the Masquerade. One mortal suspects he cannot trust his memories anymore and embarks to reveal what is hidden in the dark spaces of his mind.  His investigation intersects with the Camarilla, and the coterie are caught in the middle. Forgetting the Fear includes: A beginning scenario centered on the consequences of kindred Disciplines; Fully-realised NPCs to be used in the scenario, or added to your existing chronicle; Ways to extend this story beyond a single scenario.  Price: $3.60

  • Maps for Fantasy RPGs 1 - Old School
    am 28. September 2021 um 6:30

    Publisher: Laidback DMLaidback DM's Maps for Fantasy RPGs 1 - Old School is a collection of 45 hand-drawn maps and zip file of 90 digital image files, which come with a limited commercial license allowing you, the purchaser, to use them royalty-free in your own commercial or private publication projects. Dungeons, mansions, temples, towers, cities, ruins, lairs, wilderness and more! All map images are high quality 600DPI (print quality is 300DPI) black and white JPEGS and are unlabeled, so you can add your own labels as needed. These maps are system-neutral and can be used with any fantasy game. Price: $10.00

  • Body Witness to the Sword
    am 28. September 2021 um 3:14

    Publisher: Monkey's Paw GamesDisease and famine has struck Chrysanthemum Valley. Something is killing off both the sweetfish and the mulberry shrubs the valley is known for, threatening the livelihoods of everyone in Crossroads Village. Duke Teru sees witches wherever he looks, and has dispatched several of his knights to find the source of what he insists is a curse. Unbeknownst to him, the Lady Aki has discovered a secret silver mine; the blasting is killing water and soil both, but she plans to be long gone with the silver by the time the Duke discovers her duplicity... An introductory adventure location for fantasy tabletop adventure games. Suggested for a party of 3-4 level one adventurers. Suggested rules: Kanabo. words by N. Masyk map by Dyson Logos. art by Azrai. other art in the public domain, curated by Guilherme Gontijo. the Random Adventure Jam is thanks to Chris Bisette.Price: $5.00

  • 40x30 Battlemap - Mysterious Ice Cave
    am 28. September 2021 um 1:55

    Publisher: Seafoot Games Mysterious Ice Cave Your party has been tasked with finding the entrance to a mysterious ritual site within this network of ice caverns. There are two pillars before you, but only one is lit. What could it mean? You can hear a stream of frigid water flowing through over frost covered stone and off a steep cliff into darkness below. All around you the sounds of ice and stone creaking echo off the walls, alongside the sound of water dripping from the ceiling. It’s time for your next adventure! Explore this dungeon map now by clicking Add to Cart above! This map will be perfect for any D&D campaign or tabletop RPG game that needs an icy location to explore! Download this battlemap today with its free, detailed adventure prompt so you can start planning your next adventure right away! The map pack contains: A home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages. 300dpi gridded map A1 .JPEG (pre-scaled for easy poster printing). 300dpi un-gridded map .JPEG for VTTs (super-high resolution and great for table TVs). 72dpi .JPEG of the un-gridded map for VTTs (low file size, fantastic for online VTTs). A detailed adventure prompt .PDF, written just for this map! Join me on Patreon for $1 and get over 20 battlemaps a month. Experience how good level design can make encounters MUCH more engaging!  Want one free map a week instead? Become part of my community on Facebook.Price: $2.98

  • The Storyguide's Guide to Telling Stories: A Guide
    am 27. September 2021 um 23:47

    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingThere is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. —Maya Angelou   The Storyguide's Guide to Telling Stories: A Guide is meant to help aspiring Trinity Continuum Storyguides with the moving pieces of the Trinity Continuum Core rules to make telling a story easier. This is not a book on how to construct plots but in how to use the rules as presented in an easy manner to make the game fun to Storyguide. All opinions are my own.   The Storyguide's Guide to Telling Stories: A Guide includes: •      An overview of what makes up a character •      Discussion on Action-Adventure, Procedural, and Intrigue gameplay •      A full breakdown of Super Science, with two in-depth examples •      A new Path, new Bond, and multiple House Rules maximin non corrovid et dendand   Requires the Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook to playPrice: $4.99

  • American Empire [BUNDLE]
    am 27. September 2021 um 23:41

    Publisher: ChaosiumThis special bundle product contains the following titles.Bootleg Whiskey, Liquor, Champagne & WineRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF"Punchy, physical investigation which suits the gangland setting" Reviews From R'Lyeh STOP PRESS!!! BRAND NEW INK SAVER VERSION NOW INCLUDED!!! Cole O'Donoghue will be brought to Boston by Irish Mobster Billy Grayson, to investigate a possible rogue gang member and the ever increasingly mysterious moonshine whiskey known as A.P Special. During the scenario, your investigators will face psychotic dancers, nightmares, bloodthirsty rioters, moonshiners, mutant oak trees and cultists, before finally surviving (Hopefully!) a horror of cosmic proportions!  What's in the box???? A fully detailed 21-page deluxe full-colour scenario. 4 fully developed pre-generated investigators with detailed backstories. An overview map with timeline notes. A scenario flow map to assist the Keeper. 3 x...Radio Theatre Murder MysteryRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF The mayor of Boston is dead and the police are baffled by the horrific murder. Strange things are happening in radioland. ...Total value:0Special bundle price:0Savings of:0 (50%)Price: $4.98

  • Dwarven Curved Walls
    am 27. September 2021 um 23:32

    Publisher: Fat Dragon GamesThese are the base tiles to my Dwarven Tower by themselves. I was asked to created a seperate listing for just these tiles. 4 4x4 tiles are inlcuded: curved wall, curved door wall and 2 versions of the curved stairs. Also included the door and lintel Update: added peg holes to original tiles. Also added Tower 2, which has tiles that have been redone to clean up design issues. Tower 2 also includes a center door tile, resized door and lintel to fit new tiles, new open floor top and a new door tile with battlement to go with the Dwarven Castle Wall Set Dragonbite clips can be found here: Recommened Settings: Layer Height: 0.2mm or less Infill: 10%, 5% minimum Top/Bottom Layers: 8 Top/ 4 Bottom Shell Side Count: 2 at .04mm, 0.8mm minimum Raft/BrimSupports: None/None/floating stairs and spiral stairs require supports This product was created under license. Dragonbite Community Creator, Dragonlock, and Dragonbite are trademarks of Fat Dragon Games in the U.S.A. and other countries. This work contains material that is copyright Fat Dragon Games and/or other authors. Such material is used with permission under the Community Content Agreement for Dragonbite Community Creator. All other original material in this work is copyright [2017] by Marc J Weatherhogg and published under the Community Content Agreement for Dragonbite Community Creator.Price: $2.99

  • Willforged Wonders
    am 27. September 2021 um 23:01

    Publisher: Loremaster’s Archives of WonderThe magic woven into this legendary type of item is potent and carries the will of its originator. Each item awaits attunement, and once attuned, it gives you a taste of its power. As you use this item, it gradually observes your actions, awaiting the moment to make a judgment and determine whether or not you are a fit successor to the last will of the soul bonded within. Willforged Wonders are indestructible unless power equivalent to a wish spell is used to destroy it. Born when the soul of a creature with an indestructible will latches onto an important possession that had significant meaning to it, these items bestow those they judge worthy with great power. Through usage, you and the Willforged Wonder will form a deeper connection, and eventually it may bond with you in an magical covenant, where you awaken a new power within both you and your Willforged Wonder.Price: $8.00

  • Wild Wild Quest!
    am 27. September 2021 um 22:57

    Publisher: Loremaster’s Archives of WonderGIDDY UP COWPERSONS, IT'S TIME FOR THE RODEO! All you outlaws out there, come on into the saloon and... *pause for spitting in a spitoon* ...have yourself a cup of that fire water. --- You ever heard of the Trailblazer Ranger? You ever heard of the Renegade Rogue? Well, that's what you'll get in here. That and some feats, some backgrounds, and an encounter: THE TALE OF THE NIGHTRIDER.Price: $5.00

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