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Top 10 Rollenspiele – aktuelle internationale Bestsellerliste

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Der wohl größte Online Shop für Rollenspiele veröffentlicht regelmäßig eine Liste seiner Bestseller im Bereich Rollenspiele. Da der Schwerpunkt der Artikel bei DriveThruRPG englischsprachig sind, füllen diese in der Regel auch die Top 10 Liste der Verkäufe.

DriveThruRPG.comDriveThruRPG ist zwischenzeitlich die Anlaufstelle um auch viele deutschsprachige Rollenspiele preisgünstig auch im immer beliebter werdenden PDF Format zu kaufen. Doch auch im gedruckten Format sind insbesondere internationale Artikel in diesem Shop erhältlich. Für Besteller aus Deutschland sind bei Büchern und Karten dann jedoch immer die teilweise exorbitanten Versandkosten (werden im Shop angezeigt) und Zollgebühren (sind im Shop nicht sichtbar) zu berücksichtigen.

Die aktuelle Rollenspiel Bestsellerliste ist im Folgenden zu sehen, und stellt einen guten Indikator für aktuelle Trends im Umfeld des Rollenspiels darstellt.

Neben den aktuellen Bestsellern werden in einer separaten Liste auch die neuesten Rollenspiele im Online Shop präsentiert.

Rollenspiel Bestseller bei DriveThruRPG

  • Persons of Interest: Creating Patrons and Nemeses

    Publisher: Sine Nomine PublishingForging Villains and Patrons Persons of Interest and nbsp;offers a selection of system-neutral tools for building antagonists and other NPCs for your GMing needs. While written for the Stars Without Number sci-fi role-playing game, the tools in Persons of Interest are compatible with almost any setting or game system. Within these 33 pages you'll find the kind of Sine Nomine Publishing tables and GM helps you've come to expect, including.... Motives, for driving your NPCs forward and provoking their villainy or desperate need for PC help Capabilities, defining the kinds of help or harm the NPC can offer the party, giving the heroes a reason to care about their ambitions Opportunities, providing the specific situations or adventure hooks you can use to pull the PCs into the NPC's sinister plans or lamentable troubles Appearances, helping you define the way the NPC looks, how they behave during negotiations, where they might meet the heroes, and what kind of prices they might be willing and able to pay for help with their problems This slim full-color supplement is built for working GMs who have endlessly voracious players but a limited amount of time and energy to build content for them. With and nbsp;Persons of Interest, you have the tools to lighten your load and sharpen your creations. […]

  • Scion Second Edition Book Two: Hero

    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingThe savage Titans have escaped their eternal prisons to wage war against the Gods once more. Their battles in the lands of myth have spilled over into our World. But even the Gods cannot stop their personal rivalries and squabbles long enough to care for the peoples who worship them. Find your destiny and seize your birthright. Scion: Hero details the children of the Gods when they have been touched by the divine, awakening to the miraculous power their parents wield. But this great power comes with grave responsibility. The Scions must negotiate both the human World and the divine one, acting as intermediaries and shielding the worshippers of their parents from harm. Can they struggle to fulfill their Fate and still remain tied to what they care for most? This book includes: Knacks and Boons, the incredible miracles wielded by Scions, powered by the Storypath system. Character-creation systems for Heroes, the first step of a Scion and rsquo;s evolution towards divinity. Ten pantheons: the Algonquian, Aztec, Chinese, Egyptian, Japanese, Greek and Roman, Hindu, Irish, Norse, and Yoruban Gods, all suitable for parentage of your Scion. Advanced information on the World, the setting of Scion, complete with fearsome enemies to oppose your Scion. Note this is not a stand-alone rulebook. Scion Second Edition: Origin has the necessary core rules for the game. […]

  • Scion Second Edition Book One: Origin

    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingYou are the child of a God, born to the magic of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow. You live in a World of myth, where every ancient story is true. Your ancient enemies, the Titans, stir in their prison beneath the lands of the dead. Their spawn issues forth from lands of myth, and the specter of war falls across the heavens. In this age of turmoil, you seize your birthrights and feel the call of your blood. Find your destiny. Live the myth. Embrace your Fate. Scion is a game about Gods and humanity, and everything in between. It and rsquo;s a game about mythic Deeds and the reasons people talk about those mythic Deeds. Scion: Origin details the Scions when they and rsquo;re still (mostly) human, before the Visitation that introduces them to the divine World and mdash; they and rsquo;re exceptional humans, perhaps, blessed with luck and skill or cursed with ill fortune and strange trials in their lives, but humans nonetheless. This book includes: The core rules and character-creation information for Scion Second Edition, powered by the Storypath system. An in-depth look at the basic setting of Scion (called the World). A list of the major players and mdash; the Gods, Titans, and Legendary creatures that comprise the setting. Storyguide advice on running games for pre-Visitation Scions. […]

  • The Short Games Digest: Volume 1

    Publisher: Sandy Pug GamesIn space, nobody can hear you... Play more than a dozen amazing games by a co-op design studio full of some of the freshest and weirdest voices in RPGs! The short games digest is the first project of the San Jenaro Co-op. With over 11 full fantastic games, the Short Games Digest hits an eclectic mix of stories and settings. Lovelorn Knights, dice-playing gods, retro future space operas, dreams of dead gods we've got it all! Each game is completely self-contained and ready to play immediately with nothing but the digest. and bull; In Yesterday and rsquo;s Tomorrow, Today!, immerse yourself in fast-paced rockabilly space opera. and bull; In Clerics, play a cleric who gets NO RESPECT in an utterly inept party of adventurers. and bull; In Lonely Knights, play handsome young pages wooing the Knights of the Round Table with manly feats of manly manliness! and bull; In The Gods Play Dice, you are gambling deities whose stakes are their world. and bull; In The Great Instrument, play the descendants of heroes driving back demons and reclaiming the world-shaping mecha they live in. and bull; And so many more! […]

  • City of Gods

    Publisher: Schwalb EntertainmentCity of Gods reveals the secrets of Set, one of the Nine Cities of the Confederacy standing along R and ucirc;l and rsquo;s eastern shores. The tolerance Set shows to the faithful might be wondrous, but it also invites trouble: among the devotees of the greater and lesser gods are some who pledge their souls to darker powers. Whether you plan to have your characters visit Set in an adventure or use it as the backdrop for an entire campaign, and nbsp;City of Gods and nbsp;gives you everything you need to bring the community and its people to life in your and nbsp;Shadow of the Demon Lord and nbsp;games! […]

  • The Saltwater Inheritance

    Publisher: ChaosiumIn 1925, the investigators are invited to conduct some historical research at the D and rsquo;Estrier Estate, near the peaceful English sea-side village of Saltwater. Simon D and rsquo;Estrier welcomes the visitors as a distraction after the recent death of his father Thomas, tragically swept off the rocks while walking. As they delve into the past of his mysterious medieval ancestor William D and rsquo;Estrier, a looming horror begins to threaten the present and hellip; and ldquo;The Saltwater Inheritance and rdquo; is an early scenario by serial Call of Cthulhu author and editor Mark Morrison. It was written between and ldquo;Crack and rsquo;d and Crook and rsquo;d Manse and rdquo; (Mansions of Madness) and and ldquo;Land of Lost Dreams and rdquo; (H.P. Lovecraft and rsquo;s Dreamlands), but has never been published until now. It came runner-up in a White Dwarf magazine scenario competition, which is kind of like winning second prize in a beauty contest, but with more tentacles. Like the D and rsquo;Estrier inheritance in the story it has lurched up out of the past, exactly as it was written in 1985, albeit updated for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and with a new afterword by Morrison explaining how the scenario originally came to be, almost came not to be, and finally fished up here on the and nbsp;Miskatonic Repository after three decades of silence. It and rsquo;s either a cracking piece of old school Call of Cthulhu investigation or an early work […]

  • Judge Dredd: Luna-1

    Publisher: EN PublishingON THE LUNA FRONTIER ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE! Judge Dredd and rsquo;s world extends beyond the borders of Mega-City One. The Moon provides new challenges to Judges, Perps and Citizens who choose to escape the claustrophobic cityblocks and make a life for themselves and hellip; amidst the oxygen-short, crowded and lawless expanse of the Luna-1 colony. Get assigned to the moon to keep the peace as Judges in the Luna Marshal campaign, or deal with a criminal gang in the frontier town of Grey Rock as Civilians and Perps in Sundance Rising. With expanded rules for Luna characters, new Judge careers including the Luna Judge, Zero Squad, and non-Judge careers such as the Loonie Cultist and Gunslinger, in-depth descriptions of Luna-1 and the surrounding areas, as well as the Titan penal colony, and summaries of more of Dredd and rsquo;s early case files, this supplement is an essential addition to the Judge Dredd and amp; The Worlds of 2000 AD roleplaying game. Requires the use of the Judge Dredd and amp; The Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook. […]

  • ICRPG Vigilante City

    Publisher: RUNEHAMMER GAMESSuper human powers, incredible villains, and a city on the brink of all out war come to Index Card RPG! and nbsp; Thanks to Bloat Games, the world of Vigilante City has come to Runehammer! This addition to the ever-growing worlds of ICRPG is a must-have for any true fan, as power levels go beyond even those in MAGIC. 10 Hero Types Fully customizable POWERS and STUN system 12 Epic Super Villains Roll tables for evil schemes, origin stories, city blocks, and much more! […]

  • Hundred Devils Night Parade: Haloed Husk

    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingFrom the frozen North to the burning South, and all directions in between, there are creatures that stalk Creation. Demons, spirits, monsters and even creatures who live alongside mankind are in every region. In this collection you will find new foes, encounter old enemies, and learn the secrets of these denizens of Exalted 3rd Edition's wondrous world. Hundred Devils Night Parade: Haloed Husk Sometimes, when it rains in a Wyld-touched area in the Northern Threshold while the sun shines, chaos taints the clouds, turning a normal sun shower into a Wyld one. The altered rain burns where it lands, not with flame but with searing heat. The storm scorches crops and severely burns anyone caught in the deluge. Even after the skies clear, a secondary threat lurks in puddles of pooled light. and nbsp; When a person or animal drinks of the liquid sunlight, their core catches ablaze. Light coruscates from every orifice as their body sizzles and steams. The false sunlight boils away their minds and personalities, until all that remains is the haloed husk and mdash; a being of pure radiance and raw instinct wrapped in its still-living flesh. Some people nickname these creatures and ldquo;sun dogs, and rdquo; as their most common forms in human settlements are those of beloved pets turned monstrous. […]

  • The Realm

    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingFrom the chaos of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate's collapse arose the Scarlet Empress, hero-tyrant and founder of the Realm. In the centuries since her ascendancy, the Scarlet Realm has become Creation's foremost imperial power. Kingdoms and city-states across Creation look toward the Blessed Isle at the world's center and bow in submission to the authority of the Scarlet Throne, the might of the Imperial legions, and the doctrine of the Immaculate Order. The Great Houses of the Scarlet Dynasty, Dragon-Blooded descendants of the Empress, scheme against each other and vie for power. Now, the Empress is gone, and the Realm and iacute;s future will be forged by the deeds of heroes. The Realm expands on the history, politics, culture, law, and economics of Creation's greatest and most terrible empire. It details the Realm's governmental institutions: the Thousand Scales ministries, the Deliberative, the magistracy, and the All-Seeing Eye military, and its state religion, the Immaculate Order. It also provides an in-depth look at the lands that make up the Realm, both its heart on the Blessed Isle, and its satrapies scattered across the world. Note on this Advance PDF: This is the advance version of the PDF. We will be collecting errata comments for a few weeks before making any adjustments and prepping the print version of the book. Anyone who purchases the Advance PDF will automatically get the final, updated version added to their Library […]

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