Top 10 Rollenspiele – aktuelle internationale Bestsellerliste

Der wohl größte Online Shop für Rollenspiele veröffentlicht regelmäßig eine Liste seiner Bestseller im Bereich Rollenspiele. Da der Schwerpunkt der Artikel bei DriveThruRPG englischsprachig sind, füllen diese in der Regel auch die Top 10 Liste der Verkäufe.

DriveThruRPG ist zwischenzeitlich die Anlaufstelle um auch viele deutschsprachige Rollenspiele preisgünstig auch im immer beliebter werdenden PDF Format zu kaufen. Doch auch im gedruckten Format sind insbesondere internationale Artikel in diesem Shop erhältlich. Für Besteller aus Deutschland sind bei Büchern und Karten dann jedoch immer die teilweise exorbitanten Versandkosten (werden im Shop angezeigt) und Zollgebühren (sind im Shop nicht sichtbar) zu berücksichtigen.

Die aktuelle Rollenspiel Bestsellerliste ist im Folgenden zu sehen, und stellt einen guten Indikator für aktuelle Trends im Umfeld des Rollenspiels darstellt.

Neben den aktuellen Bestsellern werden in einer separaten Liste auch die neuesten Rollenspiele im Online Shop präsentiert.

Rollenspiel Bestseller bei DriveThruRPG

  • D20 Random Tables - Fantasy

    Publisher: Wilona and #039;s Cave GamesDiscover the Ultimate Tool for TTRPG Game Masters: D20 Random Tables - Fantasy! Unlock endless possibilities and elevate your tabletop role-playing game with this comprehensive supplement, packed with over 570 D20 tables spanning 400 pages of 36 chapters. Whether you’re a seasoned GM or a newcomer, D20 Random Tables - Fantasy offers an unparalleled resource to inspire creativity, streamline game preparation, and enhance your storytelling. What's Inside: - Chapter 1: Books - Generate ancient tomes, spellbooks, and mysterious manuscripts to add depth and intrigue to your game world. - Chapter 2: Characters and Personalities - Create compelling NPCs with unique traits and backstories to bring your world to life. - Chapter 3: Combat and Conflict - Craft dynamic and thrilling combat encounters with a variety of twists and challenges. - Chapter 4: Critical Rolls - Add drama and excitement with critical hit and miss outcomes that keep players on their toes. - Chapter 5: Dungeons and Dark Places - Populate your dungeons with hazards, treasures, and lore to captivate your players. - Chapter 6: Dungeon Rooms - Fill every corner of your labyrinthine lairs with unique and engaging rooms. - Chapter 7: Encounters, Jobs, and Rumors - Provide endless quests and adventures with intriguing encounters and compelling rumors. - Chapter 8: Food - Enhance your world's culture and economy with detailed food items and culinary delights. - Chapter 9: Items […]

  • Heirs of Eremea

    Publisher: Schwalb EntertainmentA Wicked Cult for Shadow of the Demon Lord The instability caused by a crumbling Empire enables fringe religions, dubious ideas, and strangeness to thrive. An old religion has resurfaced in Old Edene, and the faith has shown itself hostile to the Cult of the New God and anyone in the province its people decide don’t belong. This surging faith’s political ambitions threaten to destabilize the entire region. These so-called Heirs of Eremea look backwards to a time that never was to shape the present in its distorted image. Heirs of Eremea kicks off the first in a series of 13 cults and secret societies in Shadow of the Demon Lord’s game setting. These nefarious organizations exist to further their own ends and thus might become bitter foes or valued allies. The Heirs of Eremea seek freedom from tyranny, another way to live, and resurrection of their lost culture, heedless of the price such efforts might cost them. This supplement for the BlackStar line (originally to be published by Here There Be Dragons Games) references material presented in A Land Divided, Beyond the World’s Edge, Demon Lord’s Companion, and Occult Philosophy, though you do not need to have them to make use of this product.

  • Delta Green: God's Eye

    Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing WE LIVE AND WE DIE BENEATH THE ALL-SEEING EYE A mathematician inexplicably vanishes from a secretive company in Reno, a company that specializes in the software that allows high-flying drones to spy on every inch of the city. She is only the first. Can the Agents recognize a pattern of killings and disappearances in time? Or will they be next to fall under the unblinking gaze of a pitiless power? In Delta Green: God’s Eye, the Agents confront an inexorable government panopticon, unnatural revelations unleashed by the death of privacy, and the violence of desperate revenge. God’s Eye is playable with Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, available from Arc Dream Publishing. Optionally, it makes a perfect companion to the acclaimed campaign Delta Green: God’s Teeth. Learn more at

  • 100 Monastic Orders

    Publisher: Azukail GamesMonks are typically thought of as those who practiced asceticism (religious or otherwise), who voluntarily separated themselves from society, and who lived by a set of vows. While many monastic orders were dedicated to peaceful lives of reflection and scholarship, others dedicated themselves to the study of the warrior's arts, ceaselessly training in order to achieve martial perfection.The following monastic orders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can fill a number of roles in your campaign. Whether you are looking for background ties for characters in your party (as not all characters who learned their skills at a monastery will have "monk" as their character class, after all), allies for an upcoming adventure, or even antagonists that the party may have to oppose, these orders can be used however you see fit!This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.Here are some sample results: Rooks: Dressed in unremarkable gray robes, the Rooks maintain a network of ancient raven towers. A tradition that goes back for thousands of years, the birds are said to bring treasures to the towers... and those birds who have no coins or gems to reward their handlers are said to bring whispers of the world beyond. Keeping themselves apart from the wider world, the monks still hoard secrets in their towers, and when they wish to send a message to someone it is always delivered by one of their […]

  • Magic Companion

    Publisher: Arion GamesWizards and Sorcerers and Mages of all kinds… Magic is an integral part of almost every Advanced Fighting Fantasy game, and this book provides plenty of new magical options for Players and Director alike!• Nine new Special Skills and Twelve new Talents • New and Optional Magic rules • New Oops and Critical tables • Nine new Magical styles • Thirty Seven new Wizardry Spells • Four new Sorcery Spells • Fourteen new Minor Magic cantrips • Four new Enchantments Requires the Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e Rulebook

  • Solo RPG GME - Fantasy

    Publisher: Wilona and #039;s Cave GamesMaster the art of solo adventuring with Solo RPG GME - Fantasy. Journey into a world of endless adventure and mystery with Solo RPG GME - Fantasy – a dynamic Game Master Emulator designed specifically for solo RPG enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned role-player or new to the solo experience, this comprehensive guide offers many key aspects you need to craft thrilling narratives and uncover hidden secrets in your own fantastical realms. Key Features: - Easy and amp; Dynamic Oracle: Make decisive game choices with ease using our streamlined Oracle system, guiding you through every twist and turn of your solo adventure. - NPC Conversation Generator: Help bring your characters to life with dynamic dialogue prompts, creating engaging and interesting interactions with every NPC you encounter. - Tarot Card System: Add a mystical layer to your gameplay with our Tarot Card System, providing unique insights and guiding your narrative with the draw of each card. - Random Event Generators: Keep your story unpredictable and exciting with our extensive list of random events, ensuring that no two adventures are ever the same. - Dynamic Clue Dice System: Roll for unexpected discoveries and keep the excitement alive with our intuitive Clue Dice mechanism, ensuring every session is filled with surprises. - Random Tables: Featuring numerous Random Tables, this system provides endless possibilities for players to build their adventure and […]

  • His Majesty the Worm (digital edition)

    Publisher: Rise Up ComusThe forest's thickness is lessening, with room for paths of turned earth, rectangular pits, a whiteness as of mushrooms peeping from the ground. With horror we see from the thirteenth tarot that the underbrush is fertilized with half-withered corpses and fleshless bones. "Why, where have you brought me, Fool? This is a cemetery!" And the Fool says, pointing to the invertebrate fauna feeding in the graves: "Here a monarchy reigns, mightier than you..." His Majesty the Worm! His Majesty the Worm is a new-school game with old-school sensibilities: a classic megadungeon experience given fresh life through a focus on the mundanities and small moments of daily life inside the dungeon. The Game Master is given tools to create a megadungeon called the Underworld. The players create adventurers to explore the Underworld in pursuit of their personal quests. Tarot cards are used as a randomizing element. Food, hunger, light, and inventory management are central to play and actually fun. Tarot cards are used to create an action-packed combat system that ensures that all players have interesting choices every minute of combat: no downtime! The game has robust procedures. Characters adventure in the Underworld, rest in roleplaying-driven camping scenes, and plot long-term schemes in the City at the center of the Wide World. The relationships between companions, called Bonds, powers the rest and recovery mechanic of the game. Roleplaying drives the game forward. […]

  • Sol System: Sourcebook for The Expanse RPG

    Publisher: Green Ronin PublishingThere's No Place Like Home. The Sol System—humanity’s cradle. The discovery of the protomolecule has changed everything, and tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Belt are white hot. The pressure rises as the exodus through the Ring gate escalates, and war seems inevitable. Opportunities abound for shrewd crews willing to take risks. Sol System provides information on the governments, corporations, and organizations that vie for power within the star system that birthed humanity. Details on trade between the planets and stations of the solar system and beyond lie within, along with an in-depth overview of the layout, operations, and people of two of the most important locations in the Belt, Tycho and Ceres stations. Sol System also offers a comprehensive guide to running planetside stories, either as a prequel or a campaign, as well as rules for creating and running corporations, media outlets, security firms, or religious groups that jockey for money and influence between Earth, Mars and the Belt. Sol System explores bold new ways to tell your stories in The Expanse Roleplaying Game. Welcome home.

  • GorgeWorld

    Publisher: PhealGud CreationsWELCOME TO GORGEWORLDWhere someone's immense appetite doesn't just apply to adventure.  GorgeWorld is a 'fat fur' themed table top RPG that is a setting agnostic system meant to replicate all your favorite plus sized scenarios in anthropamorphic fashion.From getting stuck in doorways, to belly bumping a robot into a spiked wall.  GorgeWorld is there to make your mass matter.  GorgeWorld's system and various add on rules allow you to not only eat your heart out, but cast spells, travel the globe, or even go to space with its three included starter settings which add new genre specific rules, like magic, or space combat.So join in, as you burst belts, throw your weight around, and out eat the competition in the biggest adventure you could imagine.Inside the book contains over 65 stunning pieces of art created by over 20 different artists.  A players guide, a GMing guide, and three quick start settings for a fantasy, modern, and sci-fi campaign.  Along with additional rules for other expansive shenanigains.This includes the Cover Art by: Inklsplot (Twitter @InksplotTweets and amazing additional art by: Batspid, BLITE, Bourbon D. Crow, Cursed Corvidae, DaBubby, Double, Elpida, Envy, Fawxen, Floots, GhostBellies, Javanshir, Jim Harrigan, Josephine Dragon, MorbidlyChubese, Neigh and amp; Whinny, Omnicomm, Pencil Guy, Phanto, ppPlante, Razzek, Skie, SaltyPantz, Terra-soft, TheSpacePone3, VolkenFox ((NOTE: This is a niche […]

  • Heroic Maps - Journey Through the Dwarven Hold: Lower Gate

    Publisher: Heroic Maps Journey Through the Dwarven Hold: Lower Gate A ruined entrance hall and exit for the dwarven hold   A printable battlemap compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset. Contents: A 20x30 battlemap depicting an abandoned and ruined Dwarven Hold entrance This map can also be used as Level 8 of the Journey Through the Dwarven Hold Megadungeon Included: A pdf with 300dpi tiles ready for A4 printing A set of 300dpi full size jpeg files, for poster printing A set of 72dpi (140x140px) jpeg for Roll20 and amp; other VTTs   - This map can be used as a standalone location, but also forms Level 8 of an 8-level Megadungeon, Journey Through The Dwarven Hold. Grab the bundle of all eight maps! -

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