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Der wohl größte Online Shop für Rollenspiele veröffentlicht regelmäßig eine Liste seiner Bestseller im Bereich Rollenspiele. Da der Schwerpunkt der Artikel bei DriveThruRPG englischsprachig sind, füllen diese in der Regel auch die Top 10 Liste der Verkäufe.

DriveThruRPG.comDriveThruRPG ist zwischenzeitlich die Anlaufstelle um auch viele deutschsprachige Rollenspiele preisgünstig auch im immer beliebter werdenden PDF Format zu kaufen. Doch auch im gedruckten Format sind insbesondere internationale Artikel in diesem Shop erhältlich. Für Besteller aus Deutschland sind bei Büchern und Karten dann jedoch immer die teilweise exorbitanten Versandkosten (werden im Shop angezeigt) und Zollgebühren (sind im Shop nicht sichtbar) zu berücksichtigen.

Die aktuelle Rollenspiel Bestsellerliste ist im Folgenden zu sehen, und stellt einen guten Indikator für aktuelle Trends im Umfeld des Rollenspiels darstellt.

Neben den aktuellen Bestsellern werden in einer separaten Liste auch die neuesten Rollenspiele im Online Shop präsentiert.

Rollenspiel Bestseller bei DriveThruRPG

  • 100 Histories and Legends for Fantasy Weapons

    Publisher: Azukail GamesSo often, when characters collect the loot and examine the treasure, what they find is extremely bland. Weapons whose only point of interest is the attack bonus they give, or the abilities that they have. Not every weapon found will have a legend, but having some that do can make them more interesting, and perhaps be a source of adventure hooks.This supplement has legends for one hundred different weapons. Every weapon has been given a name and in some cases the type of weapon is given and it is described as well. Others are vaguer, being simply and ldquo;a blade and rdquo; or and ldquo;a weapon and rdquo; allowing the legend to be attached to a weapon of a GameMaster and rsquo;s choice. Proper names can be changed to better fit with a campaign setting if needed. Some of the weapons may be cursed, or are at least reputed to be.This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.Here are some sample results: Phoenix - This weapon will, over the years, start to fall to pieces. Each time this happens, a new weapon is forged using the final fragments from the previous weapon. Each time this is done, the new weapon has exactly the same powers and abilities as the previous incarnation, although, as the new weapon does not need to be of an identical type to the old, these powers will vary depending on the weapon and rsquo;s type. Every time it is forged anew, an image of a phoenix appears on the […]

  • Interlinked | A Carbon 2185 Mission Book

    Publisher: Dragon Turtle GamesInterlinkedA new experimental synth was injured and left for dead following an industrial accident at a food processing plant. and nbsp;The Nightingale model was slated for disposal and shipped back to a Villeneuve Robotics reclamation facility. On arrival, however, the synth was secretly removed from the facility. Unknown to the management of either facility the chief mechanic at Frisco and rsquo;s, Thomas and lsquo;Willy and rsquo; Williams, has established a relationship with the synth and can and rsquo;t bear to see her destroyed. She reaches out to the cyberpunks for help in getting revenge on the corporations that have abandoned her, and to free her trapped synth brethren. She resents humanity and especially the corporations that created her, but she knows she needs allies in the process of gaining that freedom. Interlinked and nbsp;places the cyberpunks in an escalating series of events that starts as a simple smash and grab job and ends with the punks taking a crucial role in a full blown synth rebellion. There are twists and turns along the way that nobody will see coming and will keep the cyberpunks on their toes. This series of missions has been designed to feel like an episodic drama and features recurring characters and plot lines that draw the cyberpunks into the drama and get them personally invested in the story. This mission book is suitable for cyberpunks starting at either 1st or 2nd level.

  • Zynnythryx's Guide to Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Genesys Magic

    Publisher: Fantasy Flight GamesThe mighty Zynnythryx gives their insight into the inner workings of magic. Presented mainly as a guide for newcomers, it shows how Genesys magic can be narratively altered to fit a character's personality by giving an example of many spell customizations. Veterans of Genesys may find it useful as a new way of looking at the magic system as well as make use of two new spells, Mind and Move, with their accompanying new magic skill Psychic. Also included are guidelines to create custom magic implements and clarifications of many common problems and complaints with magic.

  • Star Trek Adventures: Stolen Liberty

    Publisher: ModiphiusWill Your Crew Dare to Break the Prime Directive? and ldquo;This is Interlunar Probe Twelve. We are in immediate distress. We are caught in Zafrel and rsquo;s gravity well. Our orbit is decaying into its outer atmosphere and we are unable to generate sufficient thruster power to break free. We are in full eclipse from Jinidar and unable to contact Master Control. If any other listener is somehow able to receive this message, please respond and advise! Repeat, this is Interlunar Probe Twelve and hellip; and rdquo; When the crew responds to a call for help, they soon find themselves faced with an ethical dilemma. Does the crew hold to the Federation principles of non-interference, or break regulations to provide assistance? This standalone 19-page PDF adventure by Christopher L. Bennett is for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game and is set during The Next Generation era. This adventure also contains advice for adaptation for use in campaigns based in other Star Trek eras. TM and amp; and copy; 2019 CBS Studios Inc. and copy; 2019 Paramount Pictures Corp. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • The Rifter® #82

    Publisher: Palladium BooksThe Rifter and reg; Number Eighty-Two This Rifter and reg; is all about discovery and unleashing the power inside of you. That and rsquo;s true whether you are playing a Chaos Earth and reg; Pyromancer and trade; learning to survive and save lives after the Great Cataclysm; or a newly awakened Nightbane and reg; seeking his or her purpose in a dark world of conspiracy and demons; or a Heroes Unlimited and trade; vigilante trained to the height of physical perfection in a war against evil; or an RPG gamer like you and me, unleashing our imaginations to create wonderful new characters and epic adventures. This issue of The Rifter and reg; also lovingly celebrates a master of unleashed imagination and big thinking, Erick Wujcik, ten years after his untimely passing. Bits of Palladium history and heartfelt sentiments revealed along the way. Enjoy. Rifter and reg; #82 Highlights: Rifts and reg; Chaos Earth and reg; and ndash; Pyromancy, Nebraska Part Three and ndash; by Daniel Frederick, Matthew Clements and amp; Kevin Siembieda. 50+ Pyromancy spells, the Pyromancer O.C.C., Zone Twisters, notable characters, and more. and ldquo;Official and rdquo; source material. Rifts and reg; Bestiary Sneak Preview and ndash; by Kevin Siembieda and Charles Walton II. A few choice new monsters to whet your appetite for the Rifts and reg; Bestiary, Volumes One and Two, and the books to follow. and ldquo;Official and rdquo; source material. Heroes Unlimited […]

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Doomstones - Fire in the Mountains

    Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.This product is a scan of Doomstones Part 1 - Fire in the Mountains from first edition WFRP. Fire in the Mountains is the first part of the Doomstones Campaign. In this WFRP adventure, a chance discovery puts the adventurers on the trail of a fabled magical artefact in the wild, lawless lands of the Border Princes. The trail leads through ancient caverns, across monster-infested wastes and over sites of ancient power, following the course of a long-past Ore invasion. Finding the object of their quest Is one thlng - but will the adventurers be able to take It? Deslgned for adventurers ln their second or third careers, this adventure opens up a challenging new area of the Warhammer world, where only the strong and the cunning survive for long. Fire in the Mountains Includes the following: Full background information on the events which have led up to the start of this adventure. The adventure itself, with all necessary maps, player handouts and GM aids. A selection of pregenerated player characters, with complete backgrounds. An appendix giving full details of the Crystal of Fire, the powerful magical artefact which forms the basis of this adventure. Fire in the Mountains breaks down in to five distinct phases, or chapters: Help Never Came The Reavers' Trail The Lone Tower The Twisted Lands The Watchers on the Hill

  • Delta Green: The Labyrinth

    Publisher: Arc Dream PublishingMystery Attracts Mystery Born of the U.S. government and rsquo;s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green opposes the forces of darkness with honor but without glory. Delta Green agents fight to save humanity from unnatural horrors and mdash;often at a shattering personal cost. Delta Green: The Labyrinth takes Delta Green agents beyond the beltway and deep into the fissures of America in the new millennium. From the loathsome servitors of the 1% to the hardscrabble faithful of the Rust Belt, from the abusive warrens of the Internet to the lonely chambers of every human heart, from the toxic legacy of the Cold War to the doomed idealists trapped in a world they cannot save, American life has entered a labyrinth of twisty passages all alike. And while there are many ways in, there is no way out. Written by Delta Green co-creator John Scott Tynes, this all-new collection of organizations presents ready-made sources of allies, enemies, mysteries, and surprises for your Delta Green campaign: Center for the Missing Child and hellip;The Dream Syndicate and hellip;Agent Renko and hellip;The Witness Alliance and hellip;New Life Fertility and hellip;The Lonely and hellip;The Sowers and hellip;and The Prana Sodality. Each group has its own story arc, progressing through three stages as it encounters Delta Green agents and the evils they fight. Some groups corrode, wither, and […]

  • Heroic Maps - The Narfell Gate

    Publisher: Heroic Maps The Narfell Gate Little did those that lived in the city of Narfell realise, but their peaceful and prosperous settlement was sitting above the aG'nahel region of the Infernal plane. When the aG'nahel gate opened, it punched an opening into the material plane, right in the middle of Narfell. The city was soon abandoned after its greatest heroes and scholars failed to close the gate and defeat the demons that poured from it! and nbsp; A printable battlemap compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset. Contents: A 30 x 30 map depicting an infernal portal that has opened in the middle of a city, causing its abandonment and ruin. Included: A pdf with 300dpi gridded and non-gridded tiles ready for A4 printing A set of 300dpi full size and nbsp;jpeg and nbsp;files, for poster printing A set of 72dpi (140x140px) jpeg for Roll20 and amp; other VTTs and nbsp; - - Travel through the portal to the aG'nahel Gate!

  • Investigator Passports

    Publisher: base113 GamesCreate quick passport props for your investigators. Originally designed for investigative horror games like Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu andbased on period-authentic passports from around the world. These passports are completely system-agnostic and intended to aid immersion in 1920s and 30s scenarios. Simply enter some quick details about your investigator on the first page, then scroll down to the passport of your choice and print it out. Prints on a single side of the page, allowing you to print the investigator's character sheet on the back. Currently creates gameplay passports from: United States Australia Canada Germany India Great Britain (added in first update) USSR (added in first update) and nbsp; Additional instructions and tips are available online here. Form-fillable PDF

  • 100 Space Landmarks

    Publisher: Azukail GamesThis is a collection of 100 different landmarks that could be found in a space setting. Each has a name that could have been given by those closest to the landmark, and they are large, noteworthy items. The smallest of the landmarks are massive constructions tens of miles or more in size. The largest span many light years of space. Some may be natural but others seem to decidedly unnatural in origin, perhaps being strange machines, relics or constructions of precursor civilisations, or perhaps simply proof that the universe is large enough that inexplicable things are not merely likely but inevitable. Many of the landmarks are dangerous as space, even at the best of times, is an unsafe environment.This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.Here are some sample results: The Construct - The Construct is formed from a dozen rocky, terrestrial sized planets that have been bound together into a roughly spherical framework with enormous tubes, each of which is hundreds of miles across and formed from an unknown, but strong, material. The worlds all bear signs of once having had life, and civilisations, on them, but they are now cold and dead, stripped of any atmosphere. Impact craters on the planets and some damage to the joining tubes suggest that the Construct was attacked at some point. Cored - This is a terrestrial planet that appears to have once housed a thriving ecosystem. However, […]

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