uubp (5) manual page



uubp – Unix-to-Unix beer protocol


uubp [-acefghlqy] site


uupb allows the user to transfer beer, ale, or other fermented grain beverages between network sites. Using TCP/IP (telecommunications protocol for imbibing pilsners), uubp encodes beer from a local file system into packets suitable for FTP (fermentation transfer protocol) delivery at a remote IP site.


% uubp -c”AMBER” -f0.7 -y0 -q2

The preceding example sends two six-packs (-q2) of amber ale (-c”AMBER”) with a fizziness quotient of 70%, brewed using yeast of type 0 (saccharo-myces cerevisiae) to IP address, which is the IP address for the White House.


Both source and destination sites must be running uubp-daemon. In addition, local restrictions exist in many areas for the transportation of alcohol across state lines. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is currently involved in litigation to ensure the ability to distribute beer through the uubp protocol according to the 21st Amendment. To support the SIG of EFF devoted to this cause, join the Homebrewers of the Electronic Frontier Engaged in Winning Electronic Independence and Zeroing Establishment Nonsense (HEFEWEIZEN), or send mail to hefeweizen@eff.eff.org. Be sure to include the entire text of this manual page.


Good luck with your studying and your future career. Send us an Email and let us know how the beer tastes in Belfast!

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