:-) Your basic smilie. This smilie is used to inflect a sarcastic or joking statement since we can’t hear voice inflection over Unix.

Note: A lot of these can be typed without noses to make midget smilies.

#*) is very drunk

#-) what a night!

%-) has been staring at a green screen for 15 hours straight

%-6 braindead

%- has a hangover

%-~ Pablo Picasso

>>:-1 Klingone

>*:DX another clown

>- Female

>:-> made a really devilish remark

>:-< mad

>:-I net.startrek

>;-> Winky and devil combined. A very lewd remark was just made

<:-I a dunce

<:I dunce

<|-( Chinese and doesn't like these kind of jokes

<|-) Chinese

(-) needs a hair cut

(-: left handed

(8-o It's Mr. Bill!

(:-& smiley is angry

(:-( unsmiley frowning

(:-) smiley big-face

(:I egghead

( Infinity

)8-) scuba smiley big-face

):-( unsmiley big-face

):-) "

) chesire-cat out of Alice in Wonderland

*<:-) wearing a Santa Claus Hat

*:o) And Bozo the Clown!

+-:-) the Pope or holds some other religious office

+0:-) the Pope or holds some other religious office

+:-) smiley priest

,-) Ditto...but he's winking

,-} wry and winking

,:-) Same thing...other side

-:-( (real punk rockers don't smile)

-:-) punk rocker

.-) one eye only

.-] one-eyed smilely

0-) scuba diver

3:[ Mean Pet smilie

3:] cow

3:o[ net.pets

8 :-) wizard

8 :-I net.unix-wizards

8-# Death

8-() stunned

8-) glasses

8-) smiley swimmer

8-| Suspense

8:) gorilla

8:-) glasses on forehead

8:-) little girl

8:o) Mickey Mouse

8d:-) wearing a propeller-cap head

:> midget smiley

:> - what?

:<) from an Ivy League School

:< midget unsmiley

:< - what?

:'-( crying

:'-) so happy, s/he is crying

:( - Sad

:) - Happy

:) Midget smilie

:*) drunk

:* - Kisses

:+) big nose

:,( - Crying

:-! smoker

:-#) bushy mustache

:-# censored

:-#| smiley face with bushy mustache

:-$ smiley face with it's mouth wired shut - keeping the secret

:-% smiley banker

:-& tongue tied.

:-& smiley which is tongue-tied

:-> hey hey

:-> y.a.s.

:-< real sad smiley

:-(#) wears braces

:-(( very frowny

:-( boo hoo

:-( Frowning smilie.

:-)> has a beard

:-)) very happy

:-)-8 big girl

:-)-B very big girl

:-) ha ha

:-) Comedy

:-) Drama

:-)= goat´s beard

:-)x bow-tie

:-)~ drools

:-)´ slobbering

:-* just ate something sour

:-* smiley after eating something bitter

:--| Pinoccio

:-/ lefty undecided smiley

:-/ skeptical

:-0 No Yelling! (Quiet Lab)

:-0 smiley orator

:-1 smiley bland face

:-6 smiley after eating something sour

:-7 smiley after a wry statement

:-8( condescending stare

:-9 licking his/her lips

:-: Mutant Smilie

:-: mutant smiley

:- Male

:-=) older smiley with mustache

:-? smilely smoking a pipe

:-@ smiley face screaming

:-C really bummed

:-D laughing (at you!)

:-E Bucktoothed vampire

:-F Bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing

:-I hmm

:-I Indifferent smilie. Better than a Frowning smilie but not quite as good as a happy smilie

:-O uh oh

:-P nyah nyah

:-Q smoker

:-S made an incoherent statement

:-T closed - keeping a secret

:-W You´re talking great nonsense

:-X lips are sealed

:-X big bow tie

:-[ un-smiley blockhead

:-[ vampire

:- undecided smiley

:-] smiley blockhead

:-` smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco

:-a lefty smilely touching tongue to nose

:-b left-pointing tongue smiley

:-c bummed out smiley

:-d lefty smiley razzing you

:-e disappointed smiley

:-i semi-smiley

:-j left smiling smilely

:-k beats me, looks like something, tho.

:-l y. a. s.

:-o Uh oh!

:-o smiley singing national anthem

:-o Surprise

:-p smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)

:-q smiley trying to touch its tongue to its nose

:-s smiley after a BIZARRE comment

:-t cross smiley

:-v talking head smiley

:-w You´re talking nonsense

:-x "my lips are sealed" smiley

:-z y.a.c.s.

:-{) mustache

:-{ mustache

:-{ smiley variation on a theme

:-{} wears lipstick

:-|-B very big girl, that doesn´t like such jokes!

:-| "have an ordinary day" smiley

:-|| very angry

:-} beard

:-~) has a cold

:-´)8 Marilyn Monroe

:-´) has a cold

:/7) Cyrano der Bergerac

:8) pig

::-) wears normal glasses

:=) two noses

:@ - what?

:C - what?

:D - Laughter

:I - Hmmm...

:O Yelling

:Q - what?

:[ - Real Downer

:] Gleep...a friendly midget smilie who will gladly be your friend

:^) smiley with pointy nose (righty)

:^) broken nose

:_) nose is sliding off of his face

:n) smiley with funny-looking right nose

:o) a clown

:u) smiley with funny-looking left nose

:v) broken nose, but it's the other way

:v) left-pointing nose smiley

:{ - what?

:} - What should we call these? (what?)

:~-( Smilie crys very hard!

:~~ elephant

:´-( Smilie has tears in his eyes!

:´-) This smilie has tears of laughing in its eyes

:´´´-( lots of tears

;-) winking smiley

smiley invisible man

=):-)= Uncle Sam or Abraham "Abe" Lincoln

=) Variation on a theme...

=:-( (real punk rockers don't smile)

=:-) hosehead

=:-) smiley punk-rocker

@,-´-,-- a rose, watch out for thorns

@:-) turban

@:I turban

@= pro-nuclear war

B-) horn-rims

B:-) Sunglasses on head

C=:-) cook or chef

C=}>;*{)) Mega-Smilie... A drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin

E-:-) Ham radio operator

E-:-I net.ham-radio

K:P little kid with a propeller beenie

O :-) an angel (at heart, at least)

O |-) net.religion

O-) Megaton Man On Patrol! (or scuba diver)

P-) pirate

X-( just died - net.suicide

[:-) wearing a walkman

[:-) big eyebrows

[:] robot

[] - Hugs and

]:-> devil

]:] dog

`:-) shaved one of his eyebrows off this morning

d8= Your pet beaver is wearing goggles and a hard hat.

d:-) wearing a baseball-cap or a hard hat

g-) smiley with ponce-nez glasses

o-) cyklops

o:-) saint

{:-) toupee

{:-) smiley with its hair parted in the middle

|-) hee hee

|-D ho ho

|-I asleep

|-O Birth

|-O is yawning/snoring

|-P yuk

|-| sleeping

|I Asleep

|^o Snoring

|| sleeping very deep

}:-( Toupee in an updraft

}:-) above in an updraft

}:^#}) mega-smiley: updrafted bushy-mustached pointy nosed smiley with a double-chin

~~:-( net.flame

´:-/ very skeptical

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