Top ten signs that you’re a VAX geek

Key traits identifying individuals tendencies towards abnormal preoccupation with VAX computer systems.

  1. When talking about building software you make reference to compilation times in weeks and days instead of minutes and seconds.
  2. You stopped purchasing new furniture when you realized that your computers work just as well.
  3. Your electricity bill is more than your monthly rent payment.
  4. You’ve been hospitalized with muscle strain injuries after performing some routine hardware maintenance on your computer.
  5. You don’t have an SO, but it’s okay because your computer keeps you warm at night.
  6. While doing laundry, you occassionaly have a mental lapse and try to wash your socks and underwear in your 11/750.
  7. Friends who visit you want to know why there are old-time movie reels stuck on your refridgerator(s).
  8. Your house is pleasantly warm in the dead of winter, even with the air conditioning turned all the way up.
  9. The lights in your home dim or flicker when you reboot.
  10. It doesn’t matter to you if someone else’s computer is faster because you know your system could smash theirs flat if it fell over on it.

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